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Carpe Vita Kennel


Mony (Carpe Vita F*Monica Geller) comes from our kennel. She's a very intelligent dog who knows what she likes. She's got a playful and gentle character. She can play for hours with her best friend, cat Luna.


Mony (Carpe Vita F*Monica Geller) is also doing very good in the world of dog shows. She has already achieved quite many excellent grades and titles. She already won titles Slovenian Junior Champion and Croatian Junior Champion. And in the future we are looking forward to even more excellent grades and titles.


Mony has excellent breeding permission and all obligatory and optional health testing done that confirm that she is healthy. She is a medium sized female with long, thick and soft cotton like coat. She’s got a complete scissor bite and a great black pigmentation.




Baloo (Keanu vom Donauvillino) cames from Germany from Kennel vom Donauvillino. He is first coton boy in our Kennel Carpe Vita. We are very thankfull to Anne Vischer to trusted us with this little felow.

He is very gentle boy, he has nice open and outgoing temperament like real coton, he loves to play with his friend cat and also enjoy when he jumping for his ball.


He is yong boy but in show ring doing great. In his only 15 months he finished 3th junior championship. He became junior champion in Slovenia, Croatia and Osterich. And now he continue his show carriere...


He is small size boy with lot of coat. His coat is all white and real cotton structure. He has very dark pigmentation, all teeth and nice scisor bite. He got excellent breeding permition and he has all test results CMR- clear, PRA- free, luxatia patella 0/0, BNA-clear.  





Čunga (Carpe Vita Chunga Lunga) she is our breeding female. Čunga has very open and playful caracter, she is allways ready for action.  She loves to play with her mom Lona and running in our garden. In the eavning she loves to cuddle on our laps.


She also doing great in show ring. She became junior champion of Slovenia, Croatia and Osterich and also CHAMPION OF SLOVENIA. She also got excelent at world dog show in Denmark and Paris.


Čunga has breeding permision with excelant, she has tested for CMR- clear, luxatia pattela 0/0, BNA-clear and PRA-free. She has nice dark pigmentation, all teeth, scisor bite, long all white coat which is very great coton structure. She is small size coton girl.


Živahna Chunga




Carpe Vita Chunga Lunga - Čunga Gadolf of Blue Moon Cottage Zen du Paradis Blanc Nestor du Fomaine de la Rouviere Dusty de Cottage du Blana Sceau
Hines des Princess de la Foret
Venusia of blue Moon Cottage  
Aidi of blue Moon Cottage Yasper of the Swift Cotton  
Vivalove of Blue moon Cottage Le Prince du Domaine de la Rouviere
Orobianco Odysea - Lona Orobianco Falco Cotonbrie Tutankhamen  
Cotonbrie Orobianco Cotonbrie Jesuis James Bond  
Cotonbrie Honeymoon  


                             health tests: CMR- CLEAR

                                                  BNA- CLEAR

                                                  LUXACIA PATELA: 0/1

                                                 PRA- HEALTH


Lona (Orobianco Odysea) is our first dog in Kennel Carpe Vita, she came from breeder Gordana Vuk in Croatia. We are very happy to have her in our home.


In a show world Lona has so many titles. She became Slovenian Champion, Croatian Champion, International Champion, and Slovenian best female and club winner 2010. She also got excellant at World Dog show in Denmark and 4th place in her class.


Lona is a medium size female with long white coat wich is typical coton structure. She has a very dark pigmentation, perfect scisor bite and all teeth.