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Carpe Vita Kennel

Our puppies are 9 days old, they grow very fast. More pics can be viewed in the gallery...

What an end of the year 2013- Our Lona gave birth to 5 little puppies. I am so proud of her and also so proud and thankfull to my husband because he did it all alone..


We wish you a peaceful and magical Christmas and all the best in the upcoming year 2014


Our last show for this year was in Österreich in town Wels... We went with Monica (Carpe Vita F' Monica Geller) and Baloo (Keanu vom Donauvillino). First day of show's was great, Baloo got excellent with junior CAC and Monica also excellent with CAC. Second day we have repeated our successes, Baloo got excellent with junior CAC and Monica got again excellent with CAC. We tosted to the champions and for our success, than enjoyed the rest of the day with a great company outside the ring...:)

Happy company at show in Wels.

This are Keanu's result from shows in Zagreb...
First day he got Best Junior, J.BOB and Junior Club Winner
Second day was also sucsessful he became Best Junior and got J.BOB
And the last day he did it again, he got Best Junior, J.BOB and became Zagreb WINNER...

With all this titles he finished his first junior CHAMPIONSHIP... We are very tired but soooo happy...

Vikend full of sucesses in Zagreb.